Residential Real Estate Fraud

When major problems arise in a home or other residential property shortly after purchase, it can be heartbreaking for a family or individual. A claim of residential real estate fraud or homeowner fraud can be a good option for obtaining compensation for the costs of repair.

At Sheats & Muckleroy LLP, our lawyers represent clients in fraud claims of this kind in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout Dallas, Tarrant and the surrounding counties, Texas. With more than 40 years of legal experience, we know how to help you through the process of bringing a fraud claim and protecting your rights as a property buyer.

The Common Real Estate Fraud Situation

When a seller puts a residential property on the market, Texas law requires that the seller discloses any known defects so that all potential buyers have full knowledge of what they might be purchasing. These issues can include plumbing issues, electrical issues, foundation issues and other related problems with the land or structure.

However, often times sellers simply check the box that states “no known deficiencies” in the seller documentation.

The most common scenario in which residential real estate fraud claims arise is when, sometime after the purchase has gone through, issues begin to emerge in the property that were obviously there before the purchase took place. When a buyer brings a fraud claim, one of the most pressing issues is establishing whether the seller knew about the defects.

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to pursue the facts of a fraud claim to establish failure to disclose deficiencies that the seller really knew about before the sale occurred.

Call us before making any property renovations or repairs on your own, as these repairs can minimize the compensation you can recover.

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