Commercial And Business Contract Disputes

Commercial contract disputes and other disagreements that result in litigation can be catastrophic to the bottom line of any business. Whether you are facing a dispute as a business representative or individual, a plaintiff or defendant, it is critical to handle all types of disputes as efficiently and strategically as possible.

At Sheats & Muckleroy LLP, we represent clients in a range of commercial disputes and related legal matters for clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout the surrounding counties. Our Fort Worth contract dispute lawyers bring more than 40 years of varied legal experience providing clients with sound legal counsel and assertive, strategic representation in contract litigation matters.

We help clients find favorable, efficient resolution to dispute matters that include:

  • Real estate disputes: We handle rental and lease disputes, real estate fraud claims and other real estate disputes.
  • Retail and equipment lease disputes: Disputes are not uncommon in equipment rentals and leases. Our attorneys handle cases involving damage to equipment, disputes over the cost, failure to pay and related matters.
  • Contract disputes: In the long-range lifecycle of any thriving business, contract disputes are inevitable. Our lawyers represent businesses and individuals in disputes over vendor contracts, purchase and sale contracts, employment agreements and other contract dispute matters.

Finding Creative And Favorable Resolutions

Many commercial and business contract disputes involve complicated situations that are not easy to remedy. We use our decades of varied experience in a range of legal matters to resolve our clients’ disputes favorably and efficiently. Some cases are best handled through mediation or other non-litigious means, while other cases need to be decided in the courtroom. We have a wealth of experience and success litigating cases in our prior representations, including success in a recent Hidalgo County bench trial and a directed verdict in Tarrant County.

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