Non-compete Claim Attorney

When a former employer brings a breach of employment contract claim regarding a non-compete agreement, the stakes are high for both sides. For the former employer, a failed lawsuit can result in significant wasted time and money, and for the former employee, failing to defend against a lawsuit of this kind can be catastrophic.

Representing clients in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout Tarrant, Dallas and the surrounding counties, we use our more than 25 years of varied legal experience to find favorable, efficient resolutions for our clients. Our Fort Worth non-compete claim lawyers provide sound legal counsel and personalized representation in every case we handle.

Our attorneys provide exceptional legal service:

  • Representing former employers: After an employee or executive leaves, employers want to make sure that they are not losing customers or clients due to a violation of a non-compete agreement.
  • Representing former employees: After leaving an organization, it is not uncommon for a former employee to feel that the non-compete agreement is overly restrictive, or to face a breach of contract claim from the employer.

A dispute over a non-compete claim can involve complicated interpretations of Texas law and the agreement itself. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to represent your interests in a claim of this kind.

When we represent a plaintiff or defendant in a non-compete dispute, we do everything possible to resolve the matter outside of court if possible. In our experience, we find that a non-litigious approach can save time, money and stress for our clients, while often bringing about better outcomes. In prior representations where simple negotiations were not a viable option, our attorneys have been successful at trial, including a directed verdict in Tarrant County and a successful bench trial in Hidalgo County. We are prepared to protect your interests in mediation and in litigation.

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